All you need to know about the Intellimali system


The Intellimali System

Intellimali system is a company that specialises in payment and administration of funds through two different solutions, IntelliCard and IntelliCell. Established in 2009, Intellimali was designed to assist Chief Financial Officers and Financial Aid practitioners at higher education institutions in South Africa. 

When students receive bursaries and loans, the majority of organisations struggle with the administering of these funds. The funds are in the form of tuition, accommodation, books, food, cash, travel, clothing, fuel, entertainment, and more. Intellimali offers instant transactions on behalf of the organisations that are funding these bursaries and loans.

Students are provided with a card called Intellicard. Students are able to use this card to purchase things at different merchants. All purchases are protected with a pin number. There is also an app called IntelliCell, and this allows students to view their balances, request vouchers for payment, and receive notifications sent via SMS.

Allowances are in the following forms:


  • Students can purchase printed or electronic books and learning resources
  • Purchases can be made online or in-store


  • Students can use on-campus and off-campus merchants
  • On-campus refers to university residence, and off-campus would be an apartment or share residence or something similar


  • The student’s tuition fees are paid to the institution


  • Students are able to purchase meals at restaurants or canteens, and they are able to buy groceries from specific shops as well


  • Students can also receive cash directly to their bank account

Stipends are also managed and administered through Intellimali. Stipends are usually for people doing internships, volunteers at non-profit organisations, or for people that operate in the informal sector in the economy. Recipients of stipends can use their Intellicard or IntelliCell to make purchases. 

Intellimali Log In

There is a different login section for funders, institutions, merchants and sponsors. Students have a separate login as well.

Intellimali Login for Funders:

To see real-time information and reports on fund allocations, go to the Funder Login page, and click on the orange login button.

Intellimali Login for Institutions:

To see student allowances, spending patterns and payments, go to the Institution Login page, and click on the orange login button.

Intellimali Login for Merchants:

To access detailed expenditure in store, go to the Merchant Login page, and click on the orange login button.

Intellimali Login for Sponsors:

Anybody that sponsors a student will go to the Sponsor Login page and click on the orange login button. Sponsors are able to set budgets and draw reports on spending.

Students have a separate login website called Intellizone. On the home page, you will be able to Login via the orange Login button or via the Login button on the top far-right of the page. Logging in allows you to check your balances, update your information, and interact with your friends. Students receive an Intellicard that they will use for all purchases. Intellicard will either be incorporated into your student card, or it will be a separate card. Losing your student card won’t affect your Intellicard account. 


Transactions are made the same way you would usually swipe a bank card. Students will receive their five-digit pin, and the card will be swiped through a point of sale system like any other regular bank card. Students don’t need to apply for their own Intellicards. The institution that has given you the bursary or loan will apply for the card. Once you’ve been registered, you will receive an SMS that contains your five-digit pin, as well as a welcome email. Intellicard doesn’t cost anything, and it’s free to make purchases, get refunds, and make enquiries. 

Signing into IntelliCell

IntelliCell is an app used by people using Intellimali. 

IntelliCell allows you to do the following:

  • View your balances
  • Request vouchers for payments
  • Receive notifications via SMS
  • View your personal details
  • Update your banking details (if you have a cash allowance)
  • Book meals on the booking system
  • Register a card
  • Pay for accommodation
  • Search for merchants within a 10km radius
  • Change your pin number
  • View a list of all your transactions

IntelliCell is available on iOS and Android phones. To sign in, you’ll use your ID number and the pin that was sent to you via SMS. You will receive a one time pin (OTP) to confirm your cellphone number. Once you have entered the OTP, you will need to create a secure password. Then you will be able to set up your security questions. Now you will be logged in and can make use of the various options.

Intellimali ensures great service, and their Master Servers are hosted by Internet Solutions with an array of various security solutions such as generator power, firewall security, data backup, mirrored sight, and disaster recovery. Recipients can easily purchase their necessities and manage their funds. Merchants experience an increase in turnover with efficient transactions. Funders have a significant reduction in administrative time and don’t have to worry about managing allowances.