How do I claim my MIBCO provident fund


MIBCO known in full as the Motor Industry Bargaining Council, is an organization created to enable employees in the motor industry to have a better life. It does this with the help of employers who payout 15.5% of their employee’s salary into their MIBCO account. Unlike taxes, the money does not go to government coffers but to your MIBCO provident fund account. 

You can claim this money for any number of reasons which include; sick leave, an injury leave, maternity leave, upon retirement, upon resignation from a company, and a host of other reasons. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the requirements and step-by-step guide 2023 to claim your MIBCO provident fund. 

MIBCO Requirements 

The following are the requirements you need to present before accessing your MIBCO provident benefit. 

  • Your details 
  • Your full name in the right order as appears on your documents. 
  • Your ID number
  • Your MIBCO number. It is the number that MIBCO gave you when you first registered. 
  • A number through which MIBCO can contact you. It should not belong to anyone else. 
  • If you want to take sick leave and claim your provident fund, include a medical certificate from a certified health officer to show that you are unfit for work. Additionally, include the start and end date of your leave (if you can). 
  • Your payment details 
  • Choose your preferred form of payment and send in your contact details. If you choose a bank transfer, you need to submit; 
  • The name of your account. Note that MIBCO only makes payments directly into personal accounts for security and accountability reasons.
  • Your account number.
  • The name of the bank and the branch code.  
  • Your employer’s details 
  • The name of the Motor company where you work or are about resigning from. 
  • The company’s code which it got upon registering with MIBCO. Contact the Regional Motor Industry Bargaining Council office to know if your company is registered. Kindly note that it is important that your company is MIBCO registered to enable you to access your provident fund. 


If you longer work at a company, you can contact their human resource (HR) department to know into which account your MIBCO fund is deposited and the company’s registration information. 

You can contact customer service at the MIBCO office before that time-lapse to know how it is going.

Next steps 

  • Carefully complete a MIBCO provident form with these details and cross-check to see that you have submitted all the requirements. 
  • Submit the form at the MIBCO office and wait for about 4 to 6 weeks to collect your money. 

MIBCO provident fund is your money that has accumulated over time. It will be paid to you in bulk upon request instead of in parts like a pension. You can use the funds to take care of an emergency, take yourself on holiday with the additional holiday pay funds, or foot the bills of a deceased loved one with their death benefits.