Translate English to Afrikaans services by Google translate.


Language is an important aspect of life and communication. And for communication to be effective, one has to be able to understand what the other person is saying. You can translate English to Afrikaans using Google translate, which is a free online tool powered by Google. This online service allows you to translate words, phrases and web pages from English to Afrikaans and a selection of over 109 other languages. Using Google translate, you are then able to translate from any other language to Afrikaans. 

In addition to Google translate, there are also several other platforms that provide English to Afrikaans translation services. You can as well translate from Afrikaans to other local and foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Zulu, Xhosa etc. learn how to use the Google translate service below: 

How to translate English to Afrikaans in South Africa 

Translating from English to Afrikaans using Google translate is very easy as long as you have the source document or phrase you would like to translate. Follow the steps we have provided below to translate from English to Afrikaans using Google translate. 

Step 1: Open the Google translate tool on your browser by visiting or simply enter “Google translate” on your search engine.  

Step 2: type in the English word, phrase or sentence you would like to translate or copy and paste the document into the Google translate tool. 

Step 3: the text you typed in would be automatically translated and displayed in the Afrikaans text box. 

You can use this translation tool on the go where ever you are. This allows you to understand the mind and context of the information that you are receiving and allows you to communicate your thoughts and ideas better. 

Why use English to Afrikaans translator tool 

This service has been made available by Google, and everyone on which internet has access to this service. Using the English to Afrikaans translator tool has proven to be beneficial to its users. You should use this service for the following reasons. 

  • The English to Afrikaans translation powered by Google translate provides the most appropriate access to online translation. The system is mist accurate because it was developed by several other translation engines, including services such as Bing Microsoft Translator, Google translate, and Yandex Translate. 
  • The English to Afrikaans translation tool also features Afrikaans text-to-speech English service (the simply means that the translated text is read out and you can learn how the words are pronounced.). It also features an onscreen key-board for major languages. You can translate online and back translate as well (translate to the original language of the text). There is also an option to spell check the original text. 

All of these useful features make the English the Afrikaans translation tool stand out from any other online translation service you may want to do. 

Why use Google translate services 

Google translate is one of the best online translation services and has, in most cases, produce appropriate results for translations. Google translate translation results stand out for being accurate and correct. Added features like the text-to-speech make it handier. 

It is very easy to use. Anyone with an internet connection can access the Google translate services without even needing to have an account created. You can simply Google search “English to Afrikaans” and type in a word or phrase you would like translated. 

The Google translate service has the ability to not only translate words and sentences but can as well translate web pages. This feature is in-built in the chrome browser and switches between languages if you decide. It allows users to translate the entire web page from one language to another by activating the Google Translate option in the chrome browser. You can easily activate this option by following this simple process, go to settings- site settings – language- translate, select the language you want to translate to, and the entire web page will be translated. 


Users can also translate text messages as well. Google translate is closely integrated with Chrome as well as other messaging applications by default. It allows you to select a text message and translate it to another language directly within the application. 

You should also use the google translate service because it translates more than just the literal meaning of the text. It pulls from other details to provide a more contextual translation. This feature is very useful because it allows you to translate text more appropriately. 

Can I trust translation services?

The worry with automatic translation tools is that they may not be 100% accurate and may not communicate the idea in the way that we would like. Automatic machine translators allow you to understand the information but may not necessarily convey the feelings and emotions you may want to convey, as you may if you use a human translator. 

This is why human translators are still very useful and cannot but substituted with these online automated services. 

English Afrikaans translation 

We have provided below a list of English words and their Afrikaans translation using the translate English to Afrikaans online service. 

  • Night – nag
  • You – jy
  • Morning – oggend
  • As – as 
  • Hello – hallo 
  • Human – mens 
  • Father – pa 
  • Sister – suster 
  • Mother – moeder 
  • Brother – broer 

We have also provided you with a list of basic phrases and sentences in English that have been translated to Afrikaans using the translate English to Afrikaans tool. 

  • Goodnight – goeie nag
  • Good morning – goeie more
  • I miss you – ek mis jou
  • I love you – ek het jou lief 
  • How are you – hoe gaan dit  

English translations to other languages. 

Google translate services allow you to translate from English major languages and local languages alike. You can do either of the following:

  • Translate English to French 
  • Translate English to Spanish 
  • Translate English to German 
  • Translate English to Chinese 
  • Translate English to Italian 
  • Translate English to Portuguese 
  • Translate English to Zulu 
  • Translate English to Shona 
  • Translate English to Sotho 
  • Translate English to Xhosa etc. 

In conclusion, Google translate services is a very useful tool for day to day communication and understanding, breaching the gap between worlds and cultures. Using this service helps you to better communicate and be immersed in the cultures around you. This tool is available to you no matter where you are. As long as you are connected to the internet, the Translate tool is one tap away. 

If you would rather have a human translator, you may as well contract one to do your interpretation and translation for you. Human translators are available at the Tourism office and you may patronize them there.