How To Search Property for Sale and Rent in South Africa Using Property24


Property24 was founded in 2000 and is the leading online property portal in South Africa. This online company helps people find their dream properties in every corner of South Africa. They assist people in buying and renting houses, apartments, townhouses, vacant land, and farms. Property24 currently has over 300,000 listings on its site from many different real estate agents all over South Africa. Property24 has advanced search tools, and these tools are available via mobile and desktop websites and via the mobile app for IOS, Android, and Windows.

Property24 has a lot of knowledge and advice on its website. This includes the following:

  • A property news section which has all the latest news surrounding properties
  • A property advice section which includes many articles with all kinds of advice from lowering insurance premiums to handling difficult tenants
  • A sellers guide that has lots of advice for anybody wanting to sell their home
  • A buyers guide that has articles for people wanting to buy a home
  • There are property tools and services that include property alerts, a bond calculator, a site creator for property agents, an affordability calculator, a section to check property values, tools to find estate agents and attorneys, and even a glossary with terms for home buyers.
  • There is a trends and statistics section that shows users valuable data on property trends in specific areas or months, and various other options.
  • There is also a sold prices section which allows you to view how much a house was sold for
  • You can buy property reports

Besides all this, there are multiple calculators available on Property24, such as a mortgage bond calculator, an affordability calculator, an additional payment calculator, as well as a bond and transfer calculator.

How Do You Use Property24?

Property24 is really simple to use. There are quite a few different options on the home page, but the user interface is clean and very easy to use.

At the top of the page, there are different options that allow you to choose what you’d like to do on the site.

This includes:

  • For Sale which displays all properties for sale
  • To Rent which displays all properties for rent
  • Developments which displays all development properties that are available
  • Commercial which displays available commercial properties for sale and for rent
  • Calculators and Advice

Searching for a property is easy and requires that you put in the area in the search bar. You can choose if you’re looking for houses for sale or for rent, as well as a few other options. You can also add filters to narrow down your search even more.

Searching for a Home on

Property24’s website is really useful and can really assist you with how to find a home. With their tools and advice, and helpful filters, you should find it easy to find your dream home in no time at all.

Searching for a home on is effortless. On the home page, you will start by choosing whether you want to buy a property or rent a property. Each section has a search bar where you will need to type in the city, suburb, or web reference to be able to search for your dream property. As you start typing, the list containing those specific letters will pop up, and you can select your desired area from the list. You can also search with the map search on the right side of the search bar. The map search allows you to click on specific areas on a map to see the available properties in that area.


Once you have chosen the area you are looking for a property in, you can start going through the various filters to narrow your search down to get the best results.

These filters include the following:

  • Property type where you can choose from house, apartment or flat, townhouse, vacant land or plot, farm, commercial property, or industrial property
  • Minimum price which allows you to pick a price or enter a custom amount
  • Maximum price which allows you to pick a price or enter a custom amount
  • How many bedrooms you’d like your property to have
  • How many bathrooms you’d like your property to have
  • How many parking spaces and the type of parking you’d like your property to have
  • The floor size of your desired property
  • The erf size of your desired property
  • Then there are features you can choose such as pet friendly, garden, pool or flatlet
  • There is also an other section that includes options like retirement, repossessed, auction and on show

Once you have chosen your desired area and completed all the filters, you click on search, and you will get a list of all the properties that match your request. You can order this list of properties by price low to high, price high to low, most recent, property type, and size.

Each property is displayed with a picture on the left and the price on the right. Other information included in this blurb is the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces, the size of the house, and the agency the property is listed with.

Once you click on a property that you want to see more information on, you will be taken to an information page on the property. Pictures of the property are displayed at the top, and important information such as the address and price and bond costs are displayed just below the picture. Underneath the pictures and house information is usually a write-up that the estate agent does and will include any desired information about the property. Just below that is information such as whether the property is pet friendly and if there’s a garage or pool. Further down, you’re able to see other interesting information on trends and statistics in that specific area.

On the right-hand side of the property information page is the estate agent’s information. This includes a contact box, which sends the estate agent an email letting them know you’re interested in the property. Below the contact box is usually a picture of the agent as well as their contact number. You’re also able to share the property with your friends and family at the click of a button, as well as print the information and download a brochure.

Using Property24 to find your next home, whether to rent or buy, is really so easy. The layout is great and extremely user friendly, and their filtering options are super useful and simple enough to use. The site is a great resource for anybody wanting to enter the property market.