Z83 Application Form: How to Apply for Government Jobs


If you are interested in working in any of the government departments, you should read this article. It may seem impossible to understand how to contact the government. But here is a step-by-step guide in filling in the needed form for you to apply to your dream job.Z83 form is a document for those applying for the government department positions – any of them. The only way for you to be considered a candidate is to fill in the Z83 form correctly. So, if you are ready to make your first step, continue reading. 

What is a Z83 exactly?

Government is a specific employer with specific conditions that you need to follow. Contrary to other ways of applying for a job, the government asks you to fill in a particular form – the Z83. By deciding to apply for the advertised vacancy, you are expected to know something about what you are doing. Therefore, understanding the Z83 form and the conditions of the job that you apply for is your first step to potential success. Just keep in mind that you could be called in for the interview once you fill-up the document if you do it right, so you should educate yourself on this topic before you send your Z83 out in the world.  

1. How do I get to this document?

Here is a link for you to download the Z83 form, which was downloaded from the Ministry of Labour’s website; 


2. How do I open the document?

Once you download the Z83 document, you can choose to open it and fill it in. You can open this document with various options; you can open it with different software on your computer in pdf form. If you are not comfortable with this option which uses the internet, you can also choose to download the .docx form from the Ministry’s of Labor website. There is no difference between the pdf and the .doc form of the Z83.

3. How do I start?

Before starting to write anything, you should do your homework and read the document highly focused. If there is something you do not understand, engage in clarifying it for yourself. As we mentioned, you do not want anything done just because it needs to be done. Make sure you are entirely sure about what you are doing. We cannot highlight enough how important it is for this document to be filled incorrectly. With absolute awareness and exactness of every word written 

How do I fill in this document?

The form is divided into eight sections that you are expected to fill in. Here we will guide you step by step on how to fill in each one in the best way possible.

1st section – Section A

In Section A you are expected to fill in the information on the vacancy you are applying for. This section is made to inform the government about specific details on the job you are applying for. You will need to name the post you are applying for and the department that promotes the post. Make sure you use the proper names under which the government can recognize these positions and departments. In this section, you will also be asked for the reference number of the post and what time you are ready to start working or how much notice you have to serve to your employer before you can begin.


Section A requirements:

  • Name of the position you are applying for
  • Name of the department which adverts this position
  • Reference number of the post
  • The details of when can you start working 

2nd Section – Section B

In section B, you are expected to fill in your personal information. You are required to give the following info:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Gender
  • ID number
  • Your nationality and citizenship
  • Info on your criminal history
  • Whether or not your profession requires a state registration
  • If you have any disabilities

3d section – Section C

This section is created for the contact details in the case that the government wants to communicate with you. The only obligatory contact details is your telephone number. You will also be asked to state your preferred language of communication and your preferred platform of communication.

Section C requirements:

  • phone number
  • preferred language
  • preferred means of communication

The 4th section – D section

This section focuses on language proficiency. You are being asked to state how fluent and conversant you are at communicating in specific languages you speak. You will be able to choose between; 

“good”,” fair,” and “poor” in the areas of writing, speaking and reading.

The 5th section – E section

The E section is the qualification one, and it requires your academic details. You can keep in mind that filling in this section is optional if you have attached your Curriculum Vitae.

E section requirements:

  • Name of School / Technical College
  • Highest qualification obtained, and the year it was obtained 
  • Tertiary education (complete for each qualification you obtained)
  • Name of Institution / Name of Qualification / Year Obtained 
  • Current study (institution and qualification)

6th section – F section 

This section regards your work experience and the details about your working history. Here be transparent, honest and specific. Keep in mind that if you list all of these details in your Curriculum Vitae, there is no reason for you to rewrite it.


  • Employer (including From To current employer)
  • Post held (MM YY)
  • Reason for Leaving 
  • Indicate whether any condition exists that prevents your re-employment in the Public Service. If yes, provide the name of the previous employing department. 

7th Section – G section

Here you are required to give away the details of your referees. It is not mandatory to fill in this form in case you have attached our CV.


  • Name of your referees
  • Relationship to your referees
  • Tel. No. (office hours of your referees)

8th section – The Declaration

“I declare that all the information provided (including any attachments) is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information supplied could lead to my application being disqualified or my discharge if I am appointed.”

You write your signature and leave the date you sent it.

The last step – Relax

There you go, you filled in our Z83 form. Now all that is left is for you to send it to whoever it may concern. If you have followed all the details and read this post with full awareness, do not worry, there was hardly a place for any mistakes to be made. They will contact you if you are among the applicants that are among those that interest them. We wish you all the best on your journey!