UIF Forms


The uFiling website has made it easier and less time consuming for employers and employees to gain access to the UIF forms. Some of the forms that are available for access include;

Form UI 2.7

This UIF document provides a record of all the payments that a worker receives during his period of employment. The employer fills this form and hands it to the Claims Officer.

Form UI-6A

This represents the Declaration to confirm unemployment document. It provides access to benefits once a worker is legible.

Form UI49

U149 is the Application for issue of duplicate cheque form.

Form – UIF – UI 7

UIF – UI 7 is the payment advice form. It is available for employers who do not pay unemployment insurance through the SARS.

Form UI 2.1

This refers to the application for unemployment benefits form.

Form UI.2.4

This is the application for Adoption benefits document. This is the form to fill in to make payments towards UIF benefits to a bank account.

Form UI.12

UI.12 is the notice of appeal against the decision of a Claims Officer document. In case you have complaints regarding the decision of the Claims Officer, this is the form to fill.

Form UI—19 UIF

This is the declaration of information of commercial employees and workers employed in a private household form. This form gives details of all the workers and highlights any changes in the payment statements of the employer. For instances where a worker’s job ends or when new appointments are made, the employer should fill in this document within the first week of every month. Upon filling it in, the employer should send it to UIF, Pretoria, 0052 or send it via fax.

Form UI-2.2

UI-2.2 is the application for illness benefits form.

Form UI-2.3

UI-2.3 is the application for maternity benefits form. This for claiming maternity benefits.

Form UI-2.5

UI-2.5 is the application for dependant’s benefits by surviving spouse or life partner document. The surviving consort fills in this document.

Form UI-2.6

UI-2.6 is the application for dependant’s benefits by the child or children of the deceased.

Form UI-2.8

UI-2.8 is the application to pay UIF benefits into banking account form.

Form UI-3

UI-3 is the application for continuation of payment for illness benefits form.

Form UI-4

UI-4 is the application for continuation of payment for maternity benefits form. It is different from the request for maternity benefits form.

Form UI-5

UI-5 is the application for continuation of payment for adoption benefits document. It is also different from the demand for Adoption benefits form.

Form UI-8

UI-8 is an application form to register as an employer with the UIF.

Form UI-8D

UI-8D is an application for registration as an employer of domestic workers with the UIF.


Form UIF – Electronic Declaration Specifications.

This form contains details of the format and guidelines of the testimonials that an individual should send electronically to UIF.

Each one of these forms is available on the UIF and the Labour department website for ease of access.

UIF claims

Since UIF is a type of insurance, one can claim the benefits of insurance once he or she is unemployed. However, an individual cannot make claims if he or she resigned from work or chose to flee duties. If a worker gets fired or the employer’s contract ends, he or she is legible to make UIF claims only if he had contributed towards IUF.

How do I claim for UIF if dismissed?

If your worry is how do I claim for UIF dismissed or can you claim UIF if you retire at 60? Here are some of the tips that will come in handy. First, get clarity about the conditions of your dismissal. For instance, if you are suspended on the grounds of fraud, you do not qualify for benefits from UIF. However, if your employer’s contract ends and he chooses to lay you off, you can go ahead and claim your benefits. You can access your benefits within eight weeks after registering. The benefits will then be paid monthly until the benefits are exhausted.

The requirements for claiming unemployment benefits are:

  • Your South African ID card or passport
  • A copy of the UI—19 UIF form
  • A copy of the last six pay slips
  • A document to prove that you are a job seeker
  • A filled registration form.

Well, after submitting these documents, you might ask how much will UIF pay me? This will be will be communicated to you by the Labour Centre after some calculations. Once that date reaches, you will be required to carry along your ID card and white card upon collecting the benefits. Before the unemployment benefits are given to you, you will need to go for career counseling, seek a job from different employers and be available for work.

The government of South Africa, through the Department of Labour, has the interest of its citizen at heart. Coming up with u-Filing was a good idea of motivating the citizens to seek employment. Employees and employees should make good out of uFiling.