SARS eFiling: Steps On How To File Your Tax Returns Using eFiling And Sar’s New MobiApp


SARS eFiling is a necessity in South Africa. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) continues to encourage taxpayers to keep submitting income tax returns through the SARS eFiling or to use the SARS MobiApp when the tax season starts on 1st July. This is one of the most convenient ways to file taxation. 

e filling income tax is a mandatory process that makes it easy for you. After all, you do not want to get in trouble with the authorities for something that you can do very easily. With these services available 24 hours a day, anyone can file their tax returns anytime and anywhere they are.

How to file returns on eFiling and MobiApp

Encouraging the use of this method for the Tax Season 2019 is to push taxpayers to make use of the two digital-channels, which are the SARS eFiling as well as SARS MobiApp. The two platforms are accessible 24/7, offering improved features and eliminating the inconvenience of having to queue at the SARS branch.

The SARS MobiApp is used in smartphones and can be downloadable from the Play Store or App Store. It is what allows taxpayers to register for SARS eFiling, submit a return, upload all necessary supporting documents, to retrieve usernames or even to reset passwords as well as view Notice of Assessment (ITA34), just to mention a few of the possible services. It is necessary since the SARS keeps on receiving thousands of taxpayers at its various branches including those that don’t even have to file tax returns.


Requirements for paying tax returns

It should be noted, according to the SARs, not every person should file tax returns. If you are to avoid filing tax returns, then the following requirements come into play.

  • The total income from employment for the entire year pre-tax is less than R500 000.
  • They only get income from employment from a single employer for the duration of a full tax year.
  • There is no extra income source, which could be from a car allowance, a business income, or even from rental income. Other income sources could be taxable interest and a different job’s income.
  • They lack additional allowable taxes that are related deductions to claims, with examples being medical expenses, gains from retirement annuity contributions as well as travel expenses.

To assist customers from going to SARS branches, those taxpayers that don’t require filing a return especially those who repeatedly file a return from the past will get notifications from the SARS letting them know that they do not have to submit returns.

SARS eFiling via mobile phone will be open as from 1st July 2019 and close by December 4th 2019. This means that those submitting their returns using this method should consider doing so before the period elapses.