SAQA Application: Requirements, Evaluation And Fees


Laws and regulations for every country are created to control academic institutions’ establishment, recognition, and status. And here, you will need guidance on how to proceed with your application and verification. The normal lifespan of qualification is three years. After the three years has expired, the qualifications will be reviewed and, depending on the review process’s outcome, re-registered, significantly changed, or placed by a newly developed qualification. 

How long is the waiting period to verify SAQA qualifications?

A fascinating question and an answer that every applicant is curious to hear. The verification differs on the availability of the record on the NLRD and the priority selected; however, their standard aims to find verification from two to twenty working days where after the request will be closed as inadequate. Other sources say SAQA’s verification results are within fifteen days. The longest period that the applicant can wait is three working months.


If you are a new client, you need to register online. First, that is, if you are making the online application because SAQA application process can be done in two ways, e.g. by completing the application form manually or using the online platform. The most recommended method is the online one as it eases the communication during the process. Applicants should note that a fee will be paid in all cases of non-compliance requiring SAQA to administer the deferred application.

Online application procedure

The online application link is provided on the website through selecting Services, Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications. Here is the procedure for the online SAQA application.

  • If you are a new applicant, you need to register first or log in. 
  • Choose a new application: Evaluation and read through the information carefully – this includes the links provided.
  • Click next to complete the relevant sections
  • After completing, print the online application form
  • On the application form, there is a declaration; read it and sign the form
  • Print the consent form to fill in and sign

Thereafter you automatically receive a submission number and proof of payment for the SAQA service.

  • Please note that the submission number starts with 20; keep it safe as you will be using it as your reference number for payment purposes.
  • For paying link, click on the click here and read the terms and conditions.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and select your preferred payment method. There are two payment methods to choose from, either online payment or using the deposit slip method. When using the deposit slip method, make sure that you capture the sample slip information exactly on the actual Standard bank deposit slip. 

When submitting the documents, make sure that all the documents are included as stipulated below. SAQA is committed to accepting application for evaluation only for those that entirely meet application requirements as stipulated. The process below applies to applicants for evaluation of foreign qualifications. Applicants must note that the signed consent form for evaluation is crucial to ensure the authenticity of the certificated presented. This also includes those who post applications for evaluation, courier, and personally deliver applications for evaluation. 

  • The online application form printed
  • The proof of payment with the submission number used as the reference number.
  • The correct documents strictly according to the requirements as stated on the What must be submitted to SAQA document 
  • A clear copy of a certified official document
  • A consent form that is signed by the qualification holder.

The next step is to submit the documents together with the printed online application form.

SAQA requirements:

The following are the requirements for SAQA

  • Application form: The form is available on the online application system. The applicant must ensure that the form is completed fully, signed and the date of submission.
  • Proof of identity: This is for verification, so a current stamp is a must. A certified copy of the name page of the qualification Holder’s official, valid identity document, that is (ID, /Passport/relevant permit)
  • Proof of payment: The amount of payment is stated on the application form, and payment must be made according to any of the two payment methods
  • Consent form: sign the consent form authorises SAQA to verify the authenticity of all qualifications by the qualification holder. 
  • Qualification documents: All qualification documents required are listed; carefully follow the below crucial information.
    • Scanned or faxed documents are easily forged/altered therefore are NOT accepted by SAQA. 
    • Online application must be followed by a paper application
    • Non- compliant applications will not be processed, e.g., shortage of documents.
    • Non- compliant applications will be returned with indicated deficiencies and with a refund. However, an administration fee will be charged.
    • The applicant should use the same reference number to resubmit.
    • Applicants should note that SAQA has a mandate to advise and evaluate foreign qualifications.

Please note that SAQA does not need the following:

The qualifications obtained outside of particular countries systems of education

South African Qualifications

Professional designations or membership

Certificates based on short courses. Applicants should note that the seminars or workshops, in-service training does not form part of the requirements to obtain a qualification. Therefore, they are not necessary as stipulated.

SAQA fees

The fees vary according to what the applicant wants. For example, the fee for the charges of the first application applies for the application only. Individuals are required to pay another fee for subsequent qualifications that are submitted. The office requires R320 to assist the applicants, and a fee of R320 is for screening which is non-refundable.

Contact details:

Applicants can use the contact details below regarding the enquiries of the application process. 

Tel: 012 431 5070

Fax: 012 431 5146

Email address: [email protected]

Additional contacts:

Telephone number: 0860 111673

Email address: [email protected]

Postal address: Postnet Suite 248

Private bag X06

Waterkloof, 0083

Physical Address: SAQA House

1067 Arcadia Street

Hatfield, 0083