How to Unlock WinRAR Password


Forgetting the password to anything can be devastating, especially your RAR files. If you have been in the unfortunate predicament of forgetting the password to your RAR files before, you know to reset or unlocking that password is not only challenging but nearly impossible and the countless hacks available sometimes aren’t that helpful. Nevertheless, knowing how to unlock your WinRAR password will prove vital if you ever realize you forgot the password to one of these zipped files.

Where Can I Find My WinRAR Password?

According to the company that develops the file keeping software, there are no backdoors for lost or forgotten passwords, nor does the company have any way to retrieve your password if you forgot it, so in that regard, you are on your own.

The company has also advised that they have no affiliation with any password-cracking software and therefore cannot recommend any. 

So, unless you wrote your WinRAR passwords down, saved them to another document, or had a sudden epiphany about what it could be –– maybe your date of birth? then you’re out of luck and hopefully can use one of the ways highlighted below on how to unlock WinRAR Passwords.

How To Unlock WinRAR Password: 3 Ways

Of all the methods to unlock WinRAR passwords detailed online, these are the most straightforward options that require the least amount of technological know-how to be successful.

Method #1: Test Frequently Used Passwords

The easiest way to get into your WinRAR folder is to test a number of your most frequently used passwords.

Step 1: Extract the File and Save to a Different Location

Open the WinRAR you’re attempting to extract. Go to “Extract to” on the left side of the screen and select a new location you would like to store the password-free file.

Step 2: Test One Frequently Used Passwords at a Time

Write down a few (six to nine) of your most frequently used passwords and begin testing each of them. Be sure you write them down, as you can track which ones you have tested and which one is a success if any.

Step 3: Check Extracted Location

After each try, check the location where you saved the non-password protected WinRAR. If you succeed in using one password, you can try using the same password on other WinRAR files if you have forgotten the password.

Method #2: Try a Third-Party Password Cracking App

This is a risky option as the company that develops WinRAR doesn’t recommend or endorse any third-party password cracking software. However, if you are willing to take the risk to access your files, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit The Website of One a Reputable Third-Party RAR Password Unlocker

There aren’t that many reputable third-party RAR password unlockers, but you can start by searching some online or asking for recommendations on various forums, ensuring that the ones you use do not require any fee to download or use.

Remember, most of the options available will only use brute force attacks, which use a dictionary of potential passwords and password combinations and usually requires you to remember information like the length of your password to be successful.

Step 2: Download The Software

If you are satisfied that the software is safe to download, you can proceed to download it.


Step 3: Select The File You Want to Unlock

Try Extracting your WinRAR file using the software you’ve downloaded. You may need to try a few RAR password unlockers before you have any success.

Method #3: Use Notepad

The Notepad option is very hit or miss. Some users swear by it, while others swear it does not work. But, if you are in a desperate situation, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Step 1: Open The WinRar File With Notepad

Right-click on your WinRar file and select to open using notepad.

Step 2: Press Control + F

Using Control + F, search the document to find Ûtà and replace it with 5³tà’.

Then search for ‘IžC0 and replace it with IžC_0.

Step 3: Save File

Save these files under a new name, and you should be able to open them using WinRAR without a password.

Bonus Method: Ask The Original File Owner

If the WinRAR file you’re trying to open isn’t yours. Contact the owner of the file and ask them what the password is or if they could send the extracted version that is password-free. This will save you the headache of trying to guess, download software, or use brute force attacks to access the information zipped away.

Never Forget Your RAR Password Again with This #1 Tip

The reason you forget your password is the reason most people do: it’s not supposed to be easy to crack or guess, which means if you haven’t opened your WinRAR file in some time, you probably won’t be able to remember the password you’ve used.

Create a Password Formula

Passwords can still be difficult to crack or guess if you create a password formula. If you are concerned about the possibility of someone opening your files because your formula is easy to guess, use information about yourself that isn’t readily available on your social media accounts or that those closest to you would not guess.

Avoid first pets, mothers maiden names, middle names, and the street where you grew up, as these are common security questions.

Instead, you could use obscure information. For example, rather than using the surname of your favourite teacher, use the surname of your least favourite teacher, the name of the first company where you were employed, your favourite brand of sneakers and the DOB of your best friend spouse, or favourite relative. You can also consider using your parents’ wedding anniversary date –– or divorce date if they have separated –– the possibilities are endless.

You can then create three or four variations of your formula so that if you ever forget your password again, you know it is one of those three variations.

Although several hacks are floating around on the internet about how to unlock WinRAR passwords, the best hack would be not to forget your password in the first place. This approach saves you the headache of guessing and hoping you will be able to get into your WinRAR file.