How to Apply for South African Institute of Chartered Accounting Membership


The South African Institute of chartered accounting, simply known by its acronym SAICA is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading institutes for accounting studies. The institute, which is an eminent accountancy body in South Africa, dates as far back as 1894 when it was formed. The institution serves its over 48.000 members and associates of chartered accountants (CAs (SA)), associate general accountants (AGAs (SA)) and accounting technicians (ATs (SA)), with a wide range of support services. 

SAICA provides support, advice and as well as other services to its members throughout their professional lives. Its members are comprised of advisors, business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is a voluntary, non-profit company. SAICA is made up of four local, regional offices in the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Central regions. It also has two international representative offices which serve its members in the United Kingdom and in Australia.  

The internationally acclaimed institute was a charter member of the Pan-African Federation of Accountants and is also a member of the Global Accounting Alliance, which was formed in 2005, composed of the world’s leading professional accounting bodies.      

How to apply for membership (SAICA)

SAICA has a powerful and uniquely selected group of members, hand-picked from thousands of applications. If you are interested in becoming a registered member, follow these simple steps. 

  • Launch the official SAICA website on your device 
  • Use this direct link 
  • Click on the website menu 
  • Choose the “membership forms’ option 
  • Then click on the membership application form 
  • Fill the form correctly and submit 

Requirements for SAICA 

If you have decided to apply for SAICA membership, kindly ensure that the supporting documents required are included in your application. 

Applying for member accounting technician south Africa (AT(SA))

  • Certificate accounting Technician (NQF level 3)
  • FET certificate accounting technician (NQF level 4)
  • Certificate accounting (NQF level 5)
  • 12 months registered learnership 
  • Test of professional competence 

New admission as an AGA

  • Copy of RSA ID or a passport 
  • Copy of accredited degree
  • Copy of SAICA training discharge if applicable 
  • Detailed CV/Resume
  • Proof of payment if you did not make payment online (make payment online on the payment and fees page) 

New admission as CA 

  • Copy of RSA ID or a passport 
  • Detailed CV/Resume
  • Letter of good standing from homebody (If submitting reciprocal membership application)
  • Proof of payment if you did not make payment online (make payment online on the payment and fees page) 

Reinstatement as CA or AGA

  • Copy of RSA ID or a passport 
  • Detailed CV/Resume (if you ceased being a member or associate more than three years ago)
  • Ethics declaration for CA 
  • Ethics declaration for AGA or AT
  • Letter of good standing from homebody (if previously admitted by reciprocity) 

Applications for 2023 are open until the 13th of December 2023. 

Apply for SAICA bursary 

The Thuthuka bursary fund is an initiative that started in 1987 and was first called Eden’s Trust. This bursary was formed in association with the association for the advancement of Black Accountants (ABASA) and PAAB. The goal of the bursary was to provide bursary funding to black chartered accountants. Although the name changed in 2002 to the Thuthuka bursary fund, the goal remained the same. The bursary has been operational for 16 years now and has funded many African and coloured students to be able to pursue a career in chartered accounting. Applicants for this bursary must satisfy the minimum requirements for entry. 


  • Applicants must be South African.
  • Applicants must be black (African or coloured).
  • Applicants must currently be in or have completed matric. 
  • Those interested in applying must have passed mathematics in matric (NOT mathematical literacy or technical mathematics).
  • Applicants must be studying or intend to study at one of the accredited SAICA universities.
  • You must meet the university entrance qualifying criteria to study a BCom Accounting (CA-stream) degree qualification. 
  • Applicants must have proven that they are in need of financial assistance.
  • Applicants must have written or will apply and write the National Benchmark Test before the bursary closing date.

How to apply for the SAICA Thuthuka Bursary 

If you are eligible to apply for the bursary, the next step is to commence the application process. All applications must be submitted online at: 

You will be required to submit the following documentation along with your completed application form. It is mandatory to submit all required documentation. Your application will be disqualified if any document is missing. These are the documents you’ll need:

  • A certified copy of ID document
  • A certified copy of grade 11 final results 
  • If you are still in matric, attach a certified copy of latest matric results 
  • If you have completed matric, attach a certified copy of final matric result 
  • Proof of university provisional acceptance if you are currently in matric printed on the University’s letterhead 
  • Full university academic record if you are currently studying, printed on the University’s letterhead 
  • Certified copies of parents/guardians’ ID documents 
  • Certified copies of parents/guardians’ proof of income 
  • Certified copies of ID documents or birth certificates of other dependants in your home 
  • Signed Thuthuka consent form in pdf format 

All applications must be before the 31st of August 2023, when the application process closes. Applicants who submit after the closing date will be disqualified. 

SAICA registration 2023 

SAICA registration for 2023 is now open. You can start your application process now on the official SAICA website. The deadline for all applications for the year 2023 is the 31st of august. So, hurry now and get registered as a member of SAICA. Once you have been accepted and registered as a member, you will be required to pay application and subscription fees. 

SAICA registration fees 2023

The registration and subscription fees for 2023 varies according to the membership level. The membership levels are further broken down into different payment categories, and all members are required to pay the VAT except non-resident members according to the SARS regulations. Below is a simplified table of monthly subscriptions for different membership levels: 

Chartered Accountants CA (SA)

Full local membershipR 6,386.07R 539.98
Full absentee membership (non-resident)R 6,386.07R –
Full absentee membership (resident)R 6,386.07R 539.98
Over 60 local membership R 1,132.65R 169.90
Over 60 absentee membership (non-resident)R 1,132.65R –
Over 60 absentee membership (resident)R 1,132.65R 169.90
Entrance fee for local membership R 3,382.03R 253.65
Entrance fee for absentee and UK membership (non-resident)R 3,382.03R –
Entrance fee for absentee and UK membership (resident)R 3,382.03R 507.30

Associate General Accountants AGA (SA)

Full local membershipR 3,599.86R 539.98
Full absentee membership (non-resident) R 3,599.86R –
Full absentee membership (resident)R3.599.86R 539.98
Over 60 local associates R 1,132.65R 169.90
Over 60 international associate (non-resident)R 1,132.65R –
Over 60 international associate (resident)R 1,132.65R 169.90
Entrance fee for local associate R 1,691.02R 253.65
Entrance fee for absentee and UK membership (non-resident)R 1,691.02R –
Entrance fee for absentee and UK member ship (resident)R 1,691.02R 253.65

Accounting Technician AT (SA)

Full local membershipR 1,418.09R 212.71
Full absentee membership (non-resident) R 1,418.09R –
Full absentee membership (resident)R 1,418.09R 212.71
Entrance feeR 146.00 R 21.90

For more information: 

Mail: [email protected] 

Call: +27 11 621 6600 

Tel: +27 11 621 6600