Gert Sibande College Online Application


Joining an institution of higher learning is not easy. You have to follow a process that is set by your institution of choice. The rate of students who miss a chance to join training centers in South Africa has grown significantly. Partly, this is attributed to high requirements by the institutions of higher learning and the other part by the applicants’ ignorance to follow the application process to the latter. If you are planning to join Gert Sibande college this year, then you must be prepared with all the required documents and fill an application form as required. 

While the application procedure of many centers of higher learning in South Africa is complex, joining Gert Sibande TVET college is quite easy provided you have all the required qualifications. Read on to learn more about the institution’s courses, application procedure, as well as what documents you need to have to secure a chance here.

Background information about Gert Sibande TVET College

GS College is a technical, vocational, education, and training institution located in Mpumalanga, South Africa. It is recognized for its focus on certified and SAQA approved training programs. 

Whether you are an onsite or distant learner, Gert Sibande FET College has you covered. The school has qualified assessors and moderators who use various training methods including eLearning approach to implement the Outcomes Based Education as directed by the Department of education.

What courses does Gert Sibande TVET College offer?

Gert Sibande offers a variety of NCV courses including:

  • Hospitality
  • Office administration 
  • Technology and computer science
  • Generic management
  • Finance, economics, & accounting
  • Management 
  • Marketing management
  • Engineering and related design
  • Civil engineering construction
  • Electrical infrastructure construction 

Application procedure

The process of applying to Gert Sibande College is easy. Read on to know what is required of you:

Can I apply online?

The first process of the application is to fill a form. The forms are available in various campuses including the following:

GS College Evander

  • 37 Rotterdam Road,
  • Evander
  • 2280

Ermelo Campus

  • Mel Mentz Street
  • Ermelo 
  • 2350

Sibanesetfu Campus

  • Community Road
  • Stand E1368 
  • Glenmore
  • Dundonald

Standerton Campus

  • No. 2 Kruger Street
  • Standerton
  • 2430

Gert Sibande FET College Skills Academy

  • 2 Tambourine Avenue
  • Standfield Hill
  • Standerton
  • 2430

Balfour Campus

  • 110 Minnaar Street
  • Balfour
  • 2410

Fill in the application form

Before you start filling in the form, it is advisable that you have a unique email address. It is not safe to use your current email as your application feedback may get mixed up with your other emails and you miss a chance to join the training center. Avoid Live, Outlook, Ymail, Webmail, or Hotmail email domains and stick with Gmail for this application. 

Does the GS college offer accommodation?


Gert Sibande College has hostels for students. However, to get considered for the college’s accommodation, you should fill the student accommodation form.


Applying to join any institution of higher learning is similar to job seeking. The recruiting committee is looking for the best candidate out of a pool of many applicants. Thus, it is advisable that you attach all the necessary documents to support your application. 

Some of the documents that you might need to attach include a copy of identification such as: 

  • A driver’s license or identity card;
  • An official transcript from your high school;
  • College-approved test scores;
  • Medical records.

Fees and funding

The tuition fee for most courses falls between R2 000 and R3 000. However, it is advisable to check the specific course fees since the fee varies from one course to the other. 

With the rising cost of education in the country, it is advisable to have clear information about the cost of accommodation, materials, and fees prior to making any commitment to join college. There is no need for funding if you are capable of paying for your studies. However, if you or your parents are not able to cater for your studies comfortably, financial aid may come in handy. 

Once you have filled all the necessary documents, you can look for funding. You can find various funding opportunities in South Africa. Since there are different funding categories, it is advisable to be careful with your decisions.

Some funding options you can consider include bursaries, scholarships, government funding, partial financial aid, and student loan. Other students are lucky to get funding in the form of company training. Whichever option you choose, it is advisable to opt for funding that will not strain your finances when repaying. 

There you have it – everything you need to know about applying and joining Gert Sibande TVET College. Make sure that you prepare everything in advance and if not sure about certain issues, contact the campus of your choice. You do not want to miss a chance after going through all the trouble.