Elangeni College Application And Requirements


Elangeni Technical and Vocational Education and Training College is a public South African higher institution located in Durban. In collaboration with the Department of Higher Education and Learning, Elangeni College offers bursary programs such as the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to assist students from low-income households.

Elangeni college plans to become independent and provide meaningful education and training to its students. In preparation for the future, the college plans to form partnerships and develop centres of excellence to improve the standard of the teaching and learning experience for both students and teachers. 

Students can choose to study on any of the eight campuses, including Inanda, Ndwedwe, Pinetown, KwaMashu, Ntumaza, Qadi, KwaDabeka, and Mpumalanga campuses. 

Elangeni College offers carefully structured courses that are broken down to meet the academic and practical needs of students. It promotes lifelong learning by not having age restrictions for applicants. Additionally, the academic and auxiliary staff do their utmost for students to receive accurate information. 


  • Access to the internet. 
  • South African students have to pay an application fee of R200 while international students pay R250.
  • An email address and telephone number to facilitate communication between Elangeni College and you. If you do not have an email address, create one with a strong password. Do not share your password with anyone. 
  • A valid cellphone number to receive the message of your application status. 
  • Certified copies of guardian/parent ID.
  • Proof of your residence. 
  • Recent academic results for South African and foreign students. Provide your Grade 11 results if you are in Grade 12. If you have completed Grade 12, provide your final Grade 12 results if it is available. 
  • Certified copies of your ID/birth certificate.
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee.

The following requirements are only for International students:

  • Certified copy of Passport that is not older than three months. 
  • Study permit.


Contact the specific campus in which you want to study for specific inquiries. 

Elangeni College Application 

The online application system is better because it reduces the risk of getting infected with/spreading the coronavirus. Here is the for applying to Elangeni TVET College:

  • Go to the Elangeni College website https://www.elangeni.edu.za/about-us.html 
  • Check if Elangeni College offers the programme you will like to study.  
  • If it does, choose online registration among the other options. 
  • Register your account and log in using your email address and password.
  • Complete the application form with the required information. 
  • Upload all the required documents. If you do not do so, your application will not be processed. 
  • Submit your application form after carefully cross-checking it. 
  • The college will send a reference number to your email. 

Application Closing Date 

There is no closing date for applications since the portal is open throughout the year, except the programmes are full. Therefore you are advised to apply as soon as you can to ensure you have space at Elangeni TVET College. 


National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

As earlier mentioned in the introduction, Elangeni College offers bursaries to students based on several factors. One of these bursaries is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Only South African nationals from economically weak backgrounds are eligible to apply for NSFAS funding. After careful consideration, those who are chosen will receive financial aid to cater for their tuition, registration, feeding, accommodation, and transportation. Additionally, the amounts students receive as allowance yearly is dependent on if they live in rural areas, peri-urban or urban areas. 


Elangeni College offers qualifications in the following areas; 

  • Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  • Hospitality NCV
  • Certificate in General / Retail Travel (CathsSETA)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Professional Cookery (CathsSETA)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Food and Beverage Management (CathsSETA)
  • Tourism NCV
  • Business / Finance Studies
  • Management Assistant NATED
  • Business Management NATED
  • Human Resource Management NATED
  • Office Administration NCV
  • Financial Management NATED
  • Finance, Economics and Accounting NCV
  • Agricultural Studies
  • Primary Agriculture NCV
  • Information Technology Studies
  • Information Technology and Computer Science NCV
  • Engineering Studies
  • Electrical Engineering NATED
  • Mechanical Engineering NATED
  • Engineering and Related Design NCV
  • Civil Engineering and Building Construction NCV
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction NCV

Kindly scroll through the Elangeni College website and social media pages in case you have a question. 

If you do not find your answer, reach out to Elangeni College through any of the following contacts for assistance. 

Phone: +27 (0) 31 716 6700

Fax: +27 (0) 31 716 6777

Email: [email protected]


Postal Address. Private Bag X9032, Pinetown, 3610

Address: 15 Portsmouth Road, Pinetown, 3610

In line with its values, Elangeni College provides a safe learning environment for all students free from bias based on their country of origin, tribe, race, and beliefs. 

Additionally, it promotes innovative ideas geared towards improving its students’ educational and socioeconomic status even after graduation. With about 22 years of experience under its belt, Elangeni TVET college promotes collaboration and building networks with individuals and other organizations with a similar mission and vision.