Apply to Rhodes University


You’ll find a breakdown of how to apply to Rhodes University below.  We’ve got instructions on the online application process AND the hardcopy application.  Tertiary education is just a few steps away!  Ready?  Cool, let’s make it happen.

Visit our library of institutions that you can apply to in South Africa and abroad. You can download application forms and contact these institutions directly to find out more about what they offer.

Rhodes Application Breakdown

Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle.  Applications close at the end of September for all applicants.  Late applications may be accepted.

Before you begin applying online or in hardcopy, have a look at our infographic on Things to Remember Before Applying.

Have you calculated your APS? You’ll need to do this before applying.

Apply to Rhodes using the online application

Things to note before applying online to Rhodes:

  1. You’ll need an email address to complete the application.
  2. South African applicants will need an ID number.  Foreign applicants will need their passport number.
  3. There are different online application portals for undergraduate and postgraduate applicants.
  4. You will need to first register as a user before you can apply online.

How to Apply Online

The Rhodes online application portal requires applicants to register with a username and password.  

Apply to Rhodes using the hardcopy application

Things to note before applying with a hardcopy form:

  1. There are separate application forms for undergraduate, honours, masters and doctoral applicants.
  2. If you are a postgraduate applicant, be sure to take note of the different application forms for ex isting Rhodes students and students applying to Rhodes for the first time.
  4. You will need to make a direct deposit of the application fee and attach a copy of the deposit slip.  No cash should be included with the application form.
  5. Make sure that you attach all relevant documents to your application form.

You may send your completed application form to the following address:


This institution requires you to write a National Benchmark test (NBT) as part of your application.

Apply to Rhodes Residence

You will be able to indicate whether you would like student accommodation on your application form.  Please note that applying for student housing is part of your application process – you will need to indicate whether you need accommodation on your application form.  Application Fees for Rhodes.

Undergraduate and honours applicants need to pay an application fee of R100.  For applicants applying online, this fee is payable after you have submitted your application form.  Applicants using a hardcopy application form, to apply, will need to pay the R100 application fee and attach the deposit slip to your application form.

Masters and PhD applicants are not required to pay an application fee.

Submitting of Results and Documents

When it comes to submitting your documents, make sure that they are all certified copies of the original.  You will also need to attach your latest academic results.  If you are not currently in matric, Rhodes advises that you send through documentation of your current year’s activity.  This can be a letter detailing your activities.

Are you a transferring student?  If yes, you will need to make sure all your transcripts and academic records to date are submitted to the applications department as soon as possible.  A final transcript of your current studies will also need to reach Rhodes at the earliest possible date.  This is pretty standard stuff.

Contact Rhodes University:

For more information on how to apply to Rhodes, you can visit their website.

Alternatively, you can contact the Rhodes Admissions Department using the following details:

Tel: (046) 603 8889