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AAA School of Advertising

Do you want a career in the advertising, design or marketing industry? The AAA School of advertising is the right place for you. The AAA School of Advertising and its good reputation has been around for 30 years. Its adequate specialized training for young talents is known to cultivate their skills and make it in South Africa’s competitive advertising industry. AAA uses a holistic approach to applying these skills to students, preparing them for all angles of advertising, marketing and design, basing importance on today’s most important skills. Media skills and technology skills. The great connections that AAA School of Advertising have with the advertising industry are that it allows the students to have hands-on, real-life experience by working on life briefs in teams with agents, offering them opportunities for the future. AAA students have been known to make a great impression based on their performances in South Africa and internationally. 

These are the awards that students at AAA School of Advertising have achieved.

  • 5 Gold and 17 Silver/Bronze international Advertising awards, including CLIO and D&AD awards.
  • 10 L’Oreal Brandstorm awards, with the winning teams representing SA at the L’Oreal world competition in Paris, France.

If you are interested in joining the AAA School of Advertising, read on to learn about the online application process.


The application process is very easy. It all happens online through the college’s website. Follow these steps to apply online:

1. Go to the website of the AAA School of Advertising. 

2. You will then see the home page. It would be good to read the home page first to see what the AAA School of Advertising is all about. Then go to the top right of the page and click on ‘2023 Applications.’

3. You will then get navigated to the online application page. If it’s the very first time, you are applying, there where it asks, ‘Do you have a Student Number?’ Select ‘No’.

4. This option will then pop up. ‘Returning to complete application.’ Select ‘No’

  • If you have already started an application process, click ‘Yes’ by the question ‘Do you have a Student Number?’ and Select ‘Yes’ by the option ‘Returning to complete application.’ You will then be redirected to the last page of the application process you had left off the previous time.

5. Click on ‘I Accept’ and then ‘Next’.

6. You will then come to a page where you will have to enter your biographical details. Enter all details and double-check if they have been entered correctly.

7. The next page will lead you to the Account contact details of whoever is responsible for paying the account. Enter the correct details and click ‘Next.’

8. You will then be led to a page asking you to enter your year of matriculation and apply for undergraduate studies. Type in your matric year and Select ‘undergraduate’

. (Postgraduate studies is on another page.) Then enter your matric details. If you need to add more subjects to School Leaving Subjects, click on ‘Add Subject.’ Make sure you add all your subjects and the grades. This will lead to a more accurate application process. Click ‘Next’

9. Enter the educational institutions that you have attended last, such as your school and if you have studied anywhere else. Click ‘Next’ If you have studied at more than one previous tertiary institution, click on ‘Add Previous Institution.’ Click ‘Next’

10. Enter the course or courses that you are interested in. If you want to enter more than one courses, click ‘Add Qualification.’ twice, then ‘Click Next.’

11. A summary of your application details will now appear. Check to see if they are correct. If yes, click ‘Continue’ If they are not correct, then you can always click on the tabs on top where the incorrect information was entered. You can also print it if you click on ‘Printer Friendly Version.’

12. Create your own LOGIN PIN number. Make sure that it is something that you will remember. Read the rules and then click ‘Accept.’ Click Submit Application.

13. You will then be asked to upload the documents needed, such as your matric results, ID etc. When you go to the next page, which is the Confirmation Page. Banking details will be given to you on that page you need to pay to complete your registration. You will also be given a student number. Make sure you note it down because you will need it to check your application status. In the meantime, you will receive an SMS with your student number and a link to log into iEnabler, the system in which you can login to check your application status. 

NB : You will only be able to check your application status once you’ve paid your registration fee of R500-00. Check this link out to see how you can apply for a bursary.

We wish you the best of luck with your application, your studies’ journey, and your career!